Mobilize Integration Setup


  1. Generate your Mobilize API key from the Mobilize UI. Only an Account Owner can do so.
  2. Login to Bluelink and navigate to the App section and then select Mobilize. 
  3. Click ADD ACCOUNT and supply your API key.
  4. Click Connect

Syncing to NGP VAN

  1. Make sure your event in Mobilize has a custom event tag or tags that indicates the NGP VAN committee, this event's attendee data should be sent to.

    Click here for more information and requirements on creating custom event tags
  2. If you have not received your NGP VAN API key(s) yet, follow these steps to do so.
  3. Send the NGP VAN API key(s) to your Bluelink contact in a One Time Secret. Once you have generated the link, do not click it! Just copy and paste into an email.

Mobilize to NGP VAN

Custom Event Tags

For a MobilizeAmerica to NGP VAN integration, the event tag in Mobilize MUST match the name of the NGP VAN, or EveryAction committee(s).

i.e If the name of the NGP VAN committee is Emily Smith for city Council, the tag must match word for word.


This flow has limitations. Please read through these carefully and write to us if you have any questions.

  • Any updates or additional shifts for an event after creation of a pipeline will not be reflected in VAN. For this reason, it is important to add all shifts to MobilizeAmerica events during creation.
  • Add custom event tag(s) to your MobilizeAmerica event during event creation. An event in MobilizeAmerica must have tag(s) before Attendees are scheduled. Attendees added to an event in Mobilize without a tag or before the tag has been added to the event will not be synced to the corresponding VAN account. Tags cannot be added or updated once attendees are scheduled.
  • Events without signups will not appear in VAN. Once the event has a signup attached, it will be synced to VAN.
  • MobilizeAmerica events that span multiple days and recurring events will be split into multiple events in NGP, VAN, or EveryAction.
  • Locations added to an event in MobilizeAmerica will not be reflected in VAN. 
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