Redshift Integration Setup

In order to setup a Redshift integration, you will need to allow-list an IP address. In the initial sync, table(s) will be created in the specified schema.

If you are a Civis user, contact with your static IP. Support at Civis will need to take the following steps to enable your setup of a sync. 

  1. Allow-list the IP address provided to you by Bluelink in your Redshift cluster. 
  2. Create a Redshift user with permissions to read, write, and create tables in the destination schema. 
    1. For tighter security, you can use a specific schema for this data and only give permissions to that schema. If you do, make sure to send the schema name along with permissions. 
  3. Login to Bluelink and select Apps.  Select RedShift and Click ADD ACCOUNT.

  4. Fill in your username, password and connection string and click CONNECT.

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