2-Factor Authentication

2-factor authentication is an added layer of security to your account. This extra security measure requires you to verify your identity using a randomized code through an authentication app.

Bluelink's Lightrail will automatically prompt you to set up 2-factor authentication when you login by showing you a QR code with a message that looks like this:

  1. Download Google Authenticator (or another authentication app) from your app store. To learn more about authentication apps click here!
  2.  Scan the QR code using the authenticator app, and enter the generated code into the field that says "Enter your passcode here".
  3. Print and save the Recovery Code generated for you. This will allow you to access your account in the event you are unable to access or lose the device with your authentication app.

If you lose the device that contains the authenticator app you use to access Lightrail, as well as your recovery code, contact support@bluelink.org, and we will reset your account.

The next time you login to Lightrail, you will have the option to "Remember this browser". Select this option to login without 2-factor authentication for 30 days.

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