Best Practice: Vote Tripling

About Vote Tripling

Vote Tripling with Bluelink Messaging

About Vote Tripling

Most voters have a friend that needs that little extra nudge to vote. By implementing an easy friend-to-friend voter turnout tactic called “vote tripling” using Bluelink Messaging, you can nudge thousands of supporters to get those on the fence out to the polls.

Vote Tripling is an optimized commit-to-vote pledge that involves two steps: (1) securing a supporter's promise to encourage three friends to vote and (2) following up with a timely text reminder to the supporter. The tactic is based in behavioral science research and has been validated by a rigorous study finding that it produces a statistically-significant increase in turnout for a fraction of the cost of other tactics.

Vote tripling is geared toward non-activists, the 97% of voters who will cast their ballot on election day who don’t volunteer for campaigns. Reminding three close friends to vote is an easy, bite-sized task that non-activists are delighted to say yes to.

This guide walks through how to send vote tripling reminders through Bluelink Messaging.

Vote Tripling with Bluelink Messaging

Step 1: Setting Up Your Spreadsheet

  1. On your spreadsheet, make sure to have four columns: 1) Tripler first name, 2) Tripler last name, 3) Tripler number, and 4) Tripler friends [structured in a “name 1, name 2, name 3” format).                                                                                Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 9.42.54 AM
  2. Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file.
  3. In the Bluelink Messaging app, upload your list and match your fields: assign “Tripler’s number” to “phone,” “Tripler first name” to “givenName,” and “Tripler last name” to “familyName.” Tripler friends is a custom field, so it can be left unmatched. Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 3.10.27 PM

The Tripler friends field will be a custom field, so the header must be formatted appropriately. Learn more about custom fields!

Step 2: Create a Messaging Template

  1. Select “Campaigns, ”Templates,” then select “New SMS Template.”
  2. Name your template something specific. We recommend “Vote Tripling Reminder Before Election Day”.
  3. Write your reminder text in the “Body” section, and save your template. We recommend the following:

    Hi <%=targetFirstName%>! It’s <%=userFirstName%> with {candidate’s full name} for {Congress/Mayor/Senate}. Election Day is tomorrow! Right now, will you remind <%=triplerfriends%> to vote!

    Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 3.12.47 PM

    Make sure the custom variable for Tripler friends matches this formula: <%=variable%>.

    Step 3: Prepare Your Messaging Campaign

    1. Select “Campaigns” and “Create Campaign.” Follow instructions for creating your vote tripling SMS campaign.

    Step 4: Send Out Your Messages

    1. Once your campaign is no longer Pending, activate it, and start texting! Click on “Campaigns” and once your campaign’s status is “Open”, click “Activate to Text.” 

    Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 3.17.13 PM

    This tactic was designed by, a PAC that designs and disseminates free relational voter turnout programs for progressive campaigns and GOTV organizations. For more information, visit or email