Create an SMS Template

Before you can create an SMS Campaign, you'll need to create an SMS Template. A template is the initial message that you'll send to everyone you want to contact as part of a given campaign.

To get started, click "Campaigns" in the sidebar, then "Templates". To create a new template, click the "New SMS Template" button.

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 2.19.14 PM

  1. Name your template.
  2. Type your template in the “Body” field. You can add Template Variables like Recipient First Name, Sender First Name, or custom variables.
    1. The Body should NOT exceed 160 characters if you want it to be sent as one message.

If a message exceeds 160 characters and is split into multiple segments, you will be charged the per message rate for each additional segment.

Questions, Canned Responses, and Events

You can add questions, canned responses, and events to your template at the bottom of the Template Form. First, make sure you've created your questions and canned responses and created or synced your events. Use the text box to search for a particular question, canned responses, or event then select it from the list.