SMS Opt Outs

Targets who request to stop receiving further texts from your campaign or organization must be opted out.

When a target is opted out, they can no longer receive SMS messages from your organization within the Bluelink Messaging tool to that phone number.

Admins, click here to learn how to setup an auto reply when you out a user out. 

How long does it take for an opt out to take effect?

Opt outs are instant, so even if that number is on another list in an active campaign, the text will not be sent.

How can numbers be opted out?

There are 2 primary ways that a target can be opted out of texts in Bluelink Messaging:

  1. There are a set of keywords that our SMS provider - Twilio - will use to automatically trigger a phone number opt out. Capitalization of these keywords is required for automatic opt out.
  2. Users can manually opt out targets from the Inbox texting screen by clicking the Opt Out button in the top right hand corner.



Will I know if someone is automatically opted out?

I someone used one of the Twilio keywords to opt out, the message will not be delivered to the Bluelink Messaging inbox. However, you can confirm if the number was opted out by checking the SMS Opt Outs report.



Can I opt a number back in?

If someone requests that their number be opted back in, you can delete the previous opt out on the SMS Opt Outs report (see above). They will then be able to start receiving messages from your organization within Bluelink Messaging again.


Are opt-outs synced into NGP VAN?

If you have a NGP VAN integration set up, yes. However, while the specific number is opted out in both Bluelink Messaging and Twilio, we record opt-outs as "Do Not Text" canvass responses in both My Campaign and My Voters.

We are working with NGP VAN to build an API to opt out specific numbers in My Campaign, but we will only be able to record the canvass response in My Voters.