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SMS Checklist - Getting Started

Welcome to Bluelink Messaging - SMS! Follow these steps to get your account setup.


  1. Invite users. All users must have a Google account to use any Bluelink product.
  2. Purchase Phone Numbers. Note that you will not incur the cost for purchasing phone numbers.

If your account is showing that SMS is disabled, you will need to purchase a phone number to enable it. 

NGP VAN Integration

If you have a NGP VAN committee that you would like to send data to and from, follow these steps:
  1. Send NGP VAN API key. Be sure to use a secure link.
  2. Sync data from NGP VAN.
  3. Create contact results.


  1. Send lists from NGP VAN or upload from CSV or Google Sheet.

SMS Campaigns

  1. Create events, canned responses, and questions.
  2. Create SMS template.
  3. Create SMS campaign.


  1. Help article for new texters.
  2. Training deck for Volunteers.
  3. Training deck for Admins, Standard Users, and Organizers.


  1. Knowledge Base.
  2. Support email.