Reports & Follow-up Lists

Use reports to get further data on the contacts messaged in your campaign. Follow-up lists can be exported for analysis or used to message a segment of contacts in another campaign.

Campaign Reports

Follow-up Lists

SMS Opt Out Report

Campaign Reports

Find Reports on each About this Campaign page in the upper right-hand corner.

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Contact History: Information about which messages have been sent to contacts in this campaign and when.

Contact Results: Find more information about which messages were successfully delivered to the contacts in this campaign, as well associated contact results updated in the Actions menu of the inbox.

Question Responses: View a summary of responses to the Questions included in this campaign.

Uncontacted Targets: Contacts on the list associated with this campaign that have not been texted in this campaign yet. This includes duplicates that were included in the list and not contacted.

Non-replying Contacts: Contacts that haven't responded to this particular campaign.

Find definitions of contact results here.


When your report is ready, you will get an email notification with a link to download the file.

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You can also access the report in the app under "Reports" > "Download Reports".

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Follow-up Lists

Follow-up lists allow you to export and download or create another list for messaging. Find follow-up lists on any SMS campaign page.


There are 3 types of lists:

  • Everyone in this campaign
  • Responses to Questions associated with this campaign
  • Contact Results from this campaign

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When you click on your list, you will be re-directed to "Lists", where you have a few options:

  1. Save the list to be messaged in a new campaign.
  2. Save the list to be exported.



If you export a list, you will get an email notification when it's ready to be downloaded. You can also access it under "Reports" > "Exports".


SMS Opt Out Report

View and delete numbers that have been opted out using the "SMS Opt Out Report". You can also download a CSV of all opted out phone numbers.

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Learn more about SMS opt outs here.