Purchase Phone Numbers

In order to to use Bluelink Messaging SMS, users must have a phone number purchased through the app.

Purchasing a phone number is easy! There are 2 ways to do this: (1) during the user invite process and (2) after a user is created.

While we use the term "purchase," your organization does not incur the cost of the phone numbers.


To purchase a phone number after a user has been invited, go into the Bluelink Messaging app and select "Users" > "Users" at the bottom of the sidebar.


     a. Find the user you want to purchase a number for and click on their name.

     b. On the User Info screen, enter the area code you want to purchase a number in and click

         "Purchase Phone Number."

Purchase Phone Number 1

     c. If there is an available number, you will see a success message and the number that has

         been purchased.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 10.04.09 AM

      d. If there are no available numbers in that area code, you will see a failure message.

Purchase Phone Number 3

          e. If you get this messaging, try a neighboring area code.

Bluelink Messaging does not control the availability of numbers. If there are no phone numbers in the area code you select, you can always check back, as numbers may become available. Once you claim a number, you will own that number until you release it.

If a user tries to call the phone number they were texted with, they will receive a "this number has been disconnected" message. Volunteers will not be notified of an attempted call.