NGP VAN Integration Setup

To set up an integration with NGP VAN or EveryAction, you'll need to request an API key from NGP VAN and add it to your messaging account.

1. Log into your NGP VAN committee and go to

2. Select Request an API Key.

VAN API key 2

3. Complete the form (specify that the key will be used for Bluelink Messaging) and click Submit Request.

VAN API key 3

If you are using your key to connect NGP, VAN, or EveryAction with Bluelink Messaging, continue to step 4. If you are going to connect VAN with another tool, jump to step 5.

4. Once your API key has been provided, go to, toggle to the Integrations tab, and select NGP VAN. You'll see a confirmation message, notifying you that you are being redirected to Lightrail.

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.18.48 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.19.13 PM

5. At, click Connect and enter your NGP VAN API key, then click Connect again.

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.19.57 PM

For Bluelink Messaging clients ONLY:

6. Once you've completed setting up your API key, sync your data from the Bluelink Messaging Integrations page.

Learn more about the data included in your Bluelink Messaging - NGP VAN sync.