Bluelink Messaging Billing

Access the Billing and Usage page by clicking on the gear in the top right-hand corner of your screen.


Only users with an Administrator user role can access Billing and Usage.


Account Balance

If you are on a subscription plan, the Account Balance indicates the amount of message credits available to you for this period.

SMS Usage This Period

This section indicates the number of messages used on your account for this billing period and includes messages sent and received.

The billing period varies for each account, depending on when it was set up. The billing period can be found under Usage Period.

SMS Rollover

If you are on a subscription plan, unused messages from previous billing periods can rollover to the next month. The number of rollover messages (if any) will appear here.

Payment Details

If there's a particular card you want to keep on file, enter the information here.

Please note that you will still receive an invoice and your card will not be charged automatically.


Download past invoices for your records. Once you select the correct invoice, it will download automatically.