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Link Survey Questions and Canned Responses

Linking survey question options with canned responses will auto-populate the canned response for the texter, saving clicks and ensuring accuracy.

Create a linked survey question and canned response when you want a particular response used every time a texter records a particular survey question option.

Ex. Do you care about the climate?

  1. Create all canned responses you will need.
  2. Create a new survey question in Bluelink Messaging or edit an existing question synced from NGP VAN or PDI.
  3. Next to each survey question option, you can add a corresponding canned response. Save Question.

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 5.43.02 PM

The canned responses you selected will autofill the texting field when a texter chooses the corresponding survey question option. The response will still be editable, as with any canned response.
Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 5.40.07 PM