Impersonate Users

As an Administrator, Standard User, or Organizer, you can reply to other users' messages for them.

It's important to build and maintain trust with the people you're texting, and one of the ways to do that is by managing your inbox - replying to and opting out targets in a timely manner. If a user is unable to complete these actions for the people they have texted, other users can impersonate them to make sure you're being responsive to your targets.

There are 2 ways to impersonate users and reply to their messages for them:

  1. Use the Inbox Report to see which users have unread messages and reply to them.
  2. Access users' inboxes from the Users page.
    • Navigate to the Users tab in the sidebar and click Users again.
    • From the user list, find the user you want to impersonate and click View Inbox.


    • The user's inbox will appear, and you can open and reply to messages as you would in your own inbox. You can also use the Actions menu to opt out the target or record a survey response, contact result, or event status.

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