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Getting started for texters

Welcome to Bluelink Messaging! This is the tool you'll be using to quickly and easily text folks. 

A few things to note before you get started:

  • You can access Bluelink Messaging on your phone's browser or on your computer by going to messaging.bluelink.org.
  • For security reasons, Bluelink Messaging requires a Google account to login. If you're having trouble logging in with your gmail account, reach out to your organization's texting team.
  • Texting is a highly effective means of contact, so let's get started!

Getting Started

Once you’ve been added as a texter, you’ll get an email from "Bluelink Messaging" to set up your account. Just click Accept Invitation to begin.

Your Homepage

Your homepage has 3 major sections:

  • Public Campaigns - available to everyone with access to your account
  • My Team Campaigns - available to everyone within a given team that is assigned to the campaign
  • Assigned to Me - available to you

Check the "Assigned to Me" section first for a list to text. If there's nothing there or you've already completed it, check "My Team Assignments" and "Public Campaigns" for additional lists to text. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 10.27.57 AM

Sending Messages

Once you’ve opened your assignment, you’ll automatically be directed to a texting screen with a contact and the script for your texts automatically loaded. All you need to do is hit Send and repeat!

After 100 messages, you will receive a notification asking if you want to check your inbox. You can either pause sending messages and respond to your inbox, or close the notification and continue sending messages. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 1.21.32 PM         

Your Inbox

Your inbox is in the left-hand sidebar. When you have new messages, your inbox will have a blue dot indicating the number of new messages you have. Most people expect a reasonably prompt reply to a text message, so be sure to monitor your inbox. We don’t want to leave potential supporters or voters hanging! 
   Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 1.52.58 PM


When you open a reply, click "Actions", you'll see Questions. This the information the campaign or organization you're texting for is trying to get. Be sure to record responses to questions, and then respond with a customized or canned response!

Canned Responses

When you open a reply, click "Actions", you'll see Canned Responses. These are suggested responses to this particular campaign. But feel free to make the response your own - your responses should be as personal as possible!

Contact Result

If the contact replies they have moved or you have a wrong number, apply the correct contact result. This will ensure that they don't get more messages from others within the organization. It's always a good idea to send a reply, but make sure you also apply the contact result!


If someone replies back “stop,” “don’t text me,” “take me off your list,” or anything that indicates that they do not ever want to be texted again, please opt them out. Use your discretion to decide what an opt-out is versus someone who can be texted later.




For volunteer trainings, use this Texting for Volunteers slide deck.