Frequently Asked Questions

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Login help

  • When I log into the app I get a "you are not an authorized user" message. 
    • Make sure you go going directly to to login. The invitation link is only good for one time use. 

Opt outs

  • Is it necessary to actually opt people out? Am I able to sync my opt outs in NGP VAN?
    • YES! It is imperative that you complete opt out requests. Here is a guide on how to complete opt outs. 
    • If you have a NGP VAN integration set up, yes. However, while the specific number is opted out in Bluelink Messaging and My Campaign, we record opt-outs as "Do Not Text" canvass responses in My Voters.

NGP VAN integration

  • I have my NGP VAN API key - can Bluelink set up my integration? How do I sync NGP VAN to Bluelink?
    • Good news- NGP VAN integration is now self serve! Here is a helpful article on how to set up your NGP VAN integration. 
    • Syncing your NGP VAN data to Bluelink is very easy. Here is the way to do it!

Purchase phone numbers

  • I want to start sending messages, but I get an error message that says "please have the account admin assign you a phone number". 
    • Any account admin can assign numbers to other users. Just pick the area code you want the message to come from and click purchase phone number. A number in that area code will be randomly assigned. Here is a great article to walk you through the process.