Custom Fields and Variables

Variables are dynamic fields that are specific to the contact you are texting or emailing. They allow you to personalize your message and communicate important information - like where to vote - quickly and at a large scale.

Bluelink Messaging has 4 default variables that can be inserted into any SMS or email template or SMS canned response.

  • Sender First Name
  • Sender Last Name
  • Recipient First Name
  • Recipient Last Name

Custom variables can be created from any custom field that you create. But before you can insert a custom variable into a template, you need to create and populate the custom field.


Create Custom Fields

When creating your CSV or Google Sheet, create a new header with the name of the custom field you want to create (i.e. custom_field:pollinglocation).

Custom Fields - Import

The "custom_field:" prefix is required for the custom field to be created.

Once you upload your list, the field will be created, and you can move on to inserting custom variables into your templates or canned responses.


Insert Custom Variables

Once your custom fields have been created, you can insert them into templates or canned responses using this formula: <%=fieldname%>

So, if I created a custom field called "pollinglocation", I could insert <%=pollinglocation%> into a template.

custom variables 1

When a user texts through the list, the custom variable will be filled in the same way as the name variables.

Custom variables 2


Custom variables can only be created from custom fields.