Civis / Redshift setup

Find out how to set up a pipeline with your Redshift integration if you are a Civis user.

RedShift Setup

Request a static IP from Bluelink

If you are using Civis, the redshift cluster does not allow traffic from all sources. Bluelink will need to create a static IP and share it with Civis in order to access your Redshift data.

Request your static IP by emailing

There is an associated cost of $30/month for the static IP.

Reach out to Civis

Share the static IP provided to you by Bluelink and request that it be allow-listed. 

Request that Civis create a Redshift user for Bluelink. This user should have permissions to read, write, and create tables in your Redshift account.

Your contact at Civis should respond to you with a username, password, and cluster connection string. The cluster connection string we need is the JDBC URL.

Enter the account details in Bluelink

Next you will need to enter the username, password, and cluster connection string details in the Bluelink UI here:

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 2.58.42 PM

Pipeline set up

Schema Name (Optional)

The name of the schema that contains the table the sink will write to.

If this is omitted, the default “public” schema will be used.

Table Name

This is the name of the table the sink will write to.

The table does not need to exist before the pipeline is run; The table will be created in this case.

A table with a mismatched data schema may result in a failed pipeline, so if you use an existing table please confirm the data schema matches.