BigQuery Integration Setup

Service Account
Secret Key

Service Account

  1. Create a service account in Google BigQuery for Bluelink to use to initiate your sync.
  2. On step 2, select the role BigQuery Job User to assign to your new service account.

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 11.02.56 AM


  1. Share the destination dataset with the service account created for Bluelink.
    1. Select your Google Cloud Project in the left panel.
  2. Find dataset in the left panel and click on it to select. BQ 2
  3. After you click on the dataset, you will see and click Share Dataset. 
  4. Under Add Members, enter the service account email.
  5. In the Select a Role dropdown, choose BigQuery Data Editor and click Add to finish. 

Secret Key

  1. Find your service account in the list and open the Actions Menu
  2. Select Create Key
    1. Make sure Key Type is set to JSON and click Create.
  3. Once you click Create, a file will download. 
  4. Copy the entire contents from the downloaded file and send to Bluelink using a One Time Secret
    1. This will securely share the service account key, project ID, and dataset.