Create a Pipeline to NGP VAN

Learn how to create a pipeline with NGP VAN as the destination.

Before creating your pipeline, make sure to add your credentials for both the source and the destination of your pipeline (NGP VAN).

  1. On the Lightrail homepage homepage click Create Pipeline.

  2. Select the source of your pipeline (where you want to pull data from). 

  3. Select NGP VAN as the destination for your pipeline (this is where you want the data to go). 
  4. Name your pipeline. We suggest using (source to [database]).
  5. Confirm the Source of your pipeline
  6. Confirm the NGP VAN integration you want to connect. Check the database(s) that you will syncing data to. 
    1. My Voters: Only available in Votebuilder. 
    2. My Campaign: Includes Everyaction, NGP, and MyCampaign (Votebuilder).

  7. Currently, pipelines will run daily. In the future you will be able to choose between daily or hourly syncs. Click Continue

  8. The confirmation page allows you to review the pipeline one final time. Be sure to double check the VAN committee name and whether you selected My Voters, My Campaign, or both.

  9. Once you create the pipeline, it will appear on the homepage. After the pipeline runs overnight, you will see a green Success message on the pipeline showing that it ran successfully, moving any new people into the VAN Committee. 

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