Actblue Webhook Integration Setup

Navigate to the integrations tab in Bluelink to retrieve a link with all the details you need to request your webhook from ActBlue. 

  1. Step 1: Go to and click on ActBlue.
  2. Click "Generate one-time secret" to generate your one-time secret. Copy paste the link in your browser:

    You can open this link one time. Once you open it you will see three pieces of information that you will need to submit as part of your request to ActBlue.

  3. Navigate in a new window to ActBlue, login to your account, and click the webhooks tab in your dashboard.
  4. Click to request a new webhook
  5. Select ActBlue default from the dropdown as the type of webhook. 

6. Enter a nickname of your choice for the webhook (maybe “Bluelink”) and your email address.

7. Enter the information provided in the link from Bluelink

The onetime secret link, which you can always retrieve again from the Lightrail integrations page, contains the Webhook URL (also called Endpoint URL), Username, and Password you will enter at this step:

8.  Include a backfill date.If you would like ActBlue to send donations, cancellations, and refunds that have already been processed, you will need to select the “from” date. This field is optional.

9. Submit your request! Your pipeline will automatically detect when donations start coming through.

If you need more details, see the ActBlue Instructions here

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