Creating Child Client Account

If your organization is set up to create child accounts, please read on

To access the client account creation screen, select the Clients options under Admin

NOTE: If you don't see the Clients option make sure you are in your parent account (See this helpfile on how to switch). If you don't have access to the parent organization, ask your company administrator for help. 

From this screen you can easily switch to any client you have access to or create a new one.  Note that if you don't have access the  Switch to Client button will be grayed out. Ask someone who does to invite you to that client. 

Creating a new client involved simply clicking the  Create Client button in the upper right and providing the name and external ID.  Note that External ID must be unique and is used to communicate with your system. Please be sure you understand what ID you should be using here. 

After creation, the client will appear in the client list and you can use the  Switch to Client button to switch to it (this is equivalent to using the Switch Organization function).   NOTE that ONLY you will have access to this child client unless or until you invite other people explicitly to it. 

Once you switch you can use the child client just as you would any other Bluelink account.  Note that the name in the upper right will automatically include the parent client account name so you can visually see it is a child account. 

When you need to switch back to the parent account, please note there is a shortcut in the account menu (upper right corner when you click on the headshot icon) to  Switch to Parent Account (this is equivalent to using the Switch Organization function).

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